The Studio Gallery
Photograph by Rob Gordon

Photograph by Rob Gordon


  The Studio Gallery is located on the north side of Datchet village green. The shop acted as
  Barclay's Bank for many years.

  The proprietor and artist  in residence at The Studio Gallery is Julian Bettney.

  The studio sells not only paintings painted by Julian, but 18th /19th century prints and
  decorative and unusual antiques. 

  Most of the work on sale is painted by Julian himself in the studio; as such, the shop is a
  working artist's environment. He prefers to paint in natural daylight so, weather permitting, he
  has become a feature of the village painting on the pavement outside the studio. Julian works
  from photographs or sketches. 

  The themes vary from  sketches produced on location to studio pieces and
  abstract/contemporary themes. All work is framed on the premises using traditional finishing

  All work has a price for the trade.

  Enquiries for buying or selling can be made by telephone (01753 544100).

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