With the arrival of the new millennium, St.Mary's Church in Datchet commissioned a new bell to hang in the belfry. This bell was rung for the first time at midnight on 31st December 1999 to welcome the new age. Wilfred Morris's words to record the event are set out below.   


                               The Millennium Bell 

        The Bells of St. Mary’s ring out bright and clear             
         In bidding farewell to the passing old year.
         The Bells of St. Mary’s peal forth once again
        To welcome the New Year about to begin.
        The Church’s foundation , built strong below ground,
        Its steeple stands tall, looks pensively round.
        The message proclaimed invites all to share
        A coming-together in worship and prayer,
        With hope for a better world, near and afar,
        Without poverty, stress and the evils of war.
        No other millennium has anyone seen.
        Two thousand years’ progress! Is that what we mean?
        God gave His Son for the sake of mankind.
        Are we accepting? Or have we been blind?
       Time to give thanks, our faith to renew.
       Come, join us, rejoicing. 
        Yes, we need you.



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