In June 2001, the churchyard of St.Mary's church suffered a late night attack by vandals. Many gravestones were damaged by this mindless action. In his poem, Churchyard, 
Wilfred Morris expresses the anguish felt by local parishioners.



                   In our consecrated, holy ground
                   Tombstones, monuments and graves abound
                   Of those who worshipped here, the blest,
                   Who, in this place did find their rest.
                   But churchyard vandals came at night
                   To desecrate, destroy and blight.
                   No one there who could protect
                   Against such violence, disrespect.
                  They vent their anger on the Cross,
                   Memorials shattered, dreadful loss.
                   We cannot believe the mutilation
                   Nor understand the motivation.
                   With vengeance on our faith, in action
                   Do they achieve self-satisfaction?
                   With sadness, yet, for those we pray
                   Whose madness darkens light of day.





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