On 11th September 2001, the world felt the horror of the most horrendous terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre in New York. Wilfred Morris's poem 'Aftermath' captures the suffering and anguish of those who lost loved ones. The poem was submitted to the American Embassy in London and was acknowleged by the Ambassador.    



                       Aftermath (11th September 2001)

             They went to work but never came home.
             Day by day, craving for news, the desperate,
             The distraught, the deserted, hope against hope,
              Left to realise the hopelessness of their hope.
              Never again will be the same,
              The curtains drawn on loved ones lost.
              "My husband!" "My child!" "My son!"
              "My wife!" "My daughter!" "My child!"
              "My father!" "My lover!" "My friend!"
              "Where are they now?" "Where are they now?"
              Like the towers that were, now are gone.
              Innocents of the high rise, all are gone.
              They will not forget, nor be forgotten.
              Pray for the souls of the never-came-home
              Pray for the souls of the lonely-at-home
              Pray that those who remain will be comforted.





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