Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee

**** PHOTO BOOK ****

The Datchet Diamond Jubilee Celebration on 2nd June 2012, which took place on the
village green, was a huge success.

Rob Gordon acted as the Official Photographer to record the event.
His pictures together with images submitted from others who attended the event resulted
in a library of over 1,000 photographs.

The Jubilee organising committee decided that an archival book should be produced and sent
as a gift to the Her Majesty the Queen at Windsor Castle with a copy also 
to be lodged as a reference document in the Datchet Library.

The  book which has 120 pages and contains 250 images was produced by Rob Gordon.

On 10th September 2012, the book was received  by Air Marshal Ian Macfadyen CB OBE, 
Governor of Windsor Castle
on behalf of Her Majesty, The Queen.    

                        Gary Muir               Win Slinn        Richard Hyslop      Air Marshal Ian Macfadyen     Rob Gordon            Harry Clasper
                                Royal Borough           Datchet W.I.        Datchet Royal                                                        Datchet Village            Barker Bridge 
                                  Councillor                                           British Legion                                                             Society                     House Trust  


              A letter was received from Her Majesty thanking everyone involved in the organising of the event.
                                                                  (To view letter Click Here)


Residents can view a copy of the book in the Datchet library. 

  Rob Gordon presents the book to Eve Fielder, Library Superintendent, 
in the presence of Linda O'Flynn, Chair of Datchet Parish Council 
and Jesse Grey, Councillor, RBWM 

The book can also be viewed online at:

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