Datchet has two hotels: 

The Manor Hotel is situated in the centre of the village on the green.

                The  Datchet Mead Hotel is located on the western fringe of the village . 


       Currently there are two operational pubs in the village. Both are
               situated in the centre of the village on the green.          

The Morning Star
(As of April 2012, the Morning Star is closed for business)

The Royal Stag



The Hotels and Pubs featured above all provide meals.                

             In addition there are other restaurants in the village:                     

                                              Indian Cuisine :  Spices 


                                               Italian Cuisine :  Piccola Venizia


                             OTHER EATING PLACES

          There several other establishments which offer takeaway food.

                      Ocean Blue (Fish and Chips) :  111 Horton Road, Datchet
                                                                               (Tel : 01753 544444)

                      The Drunken Fish (Fish and Chips) : 93 Horton Road, Datchet
                                                                     (Tel : 01753 542557) 

                      Nibbles :  21 Manor House Lane, Datchet 
                                              (Tel : 01753 543737)

                      Datchet Deli :  The Green, Datchet
                                              (Tel : 01753 580070)   


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