An important initiative, which requires volunteers from the community, has just been announced.   
    COMMUNITY SPEEDWATCH sets out to curb speeding on the roads of Datchet, Horton and Wraysbury. It involves
    volunteers working with the Police to identify drivers who abuse the speed limit. Subsequently the drivers will
    be contacted to draw their attention to their misdemeanours.
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     Datchet, Horton and Wraysbury Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) is part of a force wide 
     neighbourhood initiative established by Thames Valley Police (TVP) in 2007/8. We are a multi agency problem solving 
     group with an independent Chairman drawing our membership from TVP, the Royal Borough, Parish Councils, local schools,
     residents and businesses with input from other statutory agencies or organisations as appropriate.

     The objective of the NAG is to identify annually residents’ top three community issues or concerns and act as an advisory,
     influencing and pursuing body to focus partnership or direct agency involvement to achieve positive outcomes in addressing
     those concerns. In achieving the latter the group has also to be realistic in recognising that reducing anti social behaviour 
     (ASB) in one location may only move it to the next road or village. Reducing speeding may not always be resolved by direct
     enforcement but may also require the Highways Department to consider speed reduction improvements. Theft from motor
     vehicles can be reduced by educating owners not to leave valuables in their vehicles.

     The Group meets every 6/8 weeks at venues within the three villages that make up the Policing Neighbourhood. The appointed
     Independent Chairman is Mrs. Betty Marlow. Core Group Community Members include RBWM Councillors John Lenton
     (Horton and Wraysbury) & Garry Muir (Datchet), Parish Council Representatives Councillors Andrew Davies (Wraysbury), 
     Don Lyons-Davis (Datchet) & David Burkin (Horton) and the Deputy Head of Churchmead School.


      DATCHET, HORTON AND WRAYSBURY NEIGHBOURHOOD ACTION GROUP would firstly like to thank all who 
      participated by
completing and returning the questionnaire distributed around the three villages in April/May 2010 and those 
      who took the trouble
to attend the open meeting in Horton and the two ‘have your say’ events. More of the latter are planned
      and will be widely

      The questionnaire received a return of 7% which is above the national average for similar consultations and although a little
      disappointing it may also possibly indicate that our area when compared with others does not have a high level of problems 
ongoing concerns. We are also well aware that the topics you highlighted are possibly those that were of concern at the
that the form was completed but may have already been resolved by the neighbourhood policing team or a partner agency.

      So that this does not merely become a once a year exercise but also an ongoing exchange of information, please continue to
      report any incidence or area of concern as without your input we may not know there is a problem in your area. The importance
      of reporting also assists in cascading information to you. Are you signed up for Ringmaster which will provide
via the telephone,
      fax or email, weekly updates on what has been reported to and/or actioned by the Neighbourhood Team in
your area? It will
      also alert you if your road has become a hot spot for car crime, ASB, distraction burglaries, etc. It you are not
      please contact the Neighbourhood Team (see below).

      The three top priorities identified from the consultation were burglary, police visibility and gangs/groups. 

      The following actions
have been agreed:

      Burglary – Raising of ongoing general awareness such as not leaving windows open, car keys or valuables left in full view, 
reporting anything out of the ordinary in the daily life of your road. The latter has resulted in a number of arrests. Group  
      members will assist in household leaflet drops once a ‘hot spot’ has been identified.

      Police Visibility - Your concerns will be passed on to the appropriate authority and we will reiterate those concerns at every
      opportunity but please remember that just because you do not see a marked police car it does not mean that your
      Neighbourhood Team or other specialist officers are not in the area.

      Gangs/Groups - As a number of other headings within the questionnaire are inter-related we are making this our first priority.
      Using information that identifies specific areas or problems we are developing an action plan to work with the local community,
      other partners and the Neighbourhood Policing Team to achieve positive results. Partnership working has already been
successful at one of the locations identified though the questionnaire.

      With our partners we will also be taking forward a number of other environmental issues that gained a high vote, e.g. graffiti,
      litter, dog mess and a specific area where footway parking is of concern. The group is also offering its support to a number of
      other initiatives and has already been successful in obtaining funding from the Berkshire Community Foundation for a youth art
      project linked to ASB which is being co-ordinated by the Community Warden and Youth Services. It is also pleasing to report
      that younger members of our community will also be contributing their knowledge and views though our very pro-active
      partnership with Churchmead School. In an endeavour to keep you informed we will be producing this update quarterly but
      please do contact us at any time – details below.


        Mrs. Betty Marlow,  
       Independent Chairman


    The Group can be contacted as follows:

    Chairman Mrs. B. Marlow   -      Tel        :  01753 682482 
                                                                    Email    :  dhw_nag@yahoo.co.uk

    TVP Neighbourhood Team -      Tel        :  0845 8 505 505 
                                                  Email    :  DatchetHortonNHPT@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk

    Community Safety Team (RBWM)  -  Tel     :  01628 796126 
                                                          Email : Communitysafety@rbwm.gov.uk 


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