The Barker Bridge House Trust, BBHT, is a Datchet based charity which was formally established as a
  Charitable Trust in 1724, although its origins go back to at least 1644 and probably earlier.

  Datchetís local historian, Janet Kennish, has written several articles on the Trust including a summary in her 
  book Datchet Past and recently she has been commissioned by the Trust to research its history and write a
  publication on her findings. Her work will include a professional survey of its chief asset, The Royal Stag
  public house located in the village centre, to establish as precisely as possible the age of its oldest parts. 
  The Trust intends to publish the results of her work towards the end of 2010.

  Below is a brief description of the charity as it exists today together with an explanation of how one section 
  of the charity awards grants to Datchet organisations and also how applications should be made.

  BBHT comprises three related charities: 

  1. The Barker Bridge House Trust Estate administers the Trustís property, notably the Royal Stag. In particular it manages the Trustís capital; manages the lease of the property; collects the rent; and disburses the income to the two charities described below.
  1. The Barker Bridge House Trust Ecclesiastical Branch, which receives 40% of the income for the 
    upkeep of St Maryís Parish Church and its surrounding land. It has its own independent set of trustees.
  1. The Barker Bridge House Trust Non-Ecclesiastical Branch, which receives 60% of the income. It also has its own independent set of 5 trustees.

The trustees of the two branches are the trustees of the Estate Trust.

This branch is quite distinct in that its charitable objectives is to use its income for
  "the benefit of the inhabitants of the area of the Ancient Parish of Datchet".

  There are very few other restrictions on how the trustees disburse their funds. This gives them considerable
  discretion over how they do this.

  In practice the trust awards grants to organisations and clubs in the village which meet the above objective.
  The trustees have a preference for granting money to capital projects or for the purchase of specific items 
  of equipment but other types of expenditure are not excluded.

  Grants range from a few hundred pounds to several thousands of pounds. Recent examples of grants are: 

  • Datchet Cricket Club towards the replacement of their practice nets
  • Churchmead School supporting its successful bid to become a Specialist Arts College
  • Datchet Village Society towards the purchase of a William Corden Jnr painting of the village, 
    which hangs in the library
  • Datchet Chat towards its publication costs

  The application process is not complicated. A brief statement - say 2 to 3 pages at most - should be
  submitted to the Trust Secretary (details below). The statement should contain the following:

  1. Evidence that you are a Datchet based organisation.
  2. A description of your activities and membership.
  3. A description of the project or activities for which you require funding.
  4. An estimated cost including copies of quotations where appropriate.
  5. What other sources of funding you have or are applying for.
  6. How much you would like from the Trust.

  The Trust meets twice a year in April and October.


  Chairman:      Mr Harry Clasper,     Tel : 01753 545110    

  Secretary:      Mr Adrian Needham
                           114 Slough Road
                            SL3 7A                 Tel : 01753 593771

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